Turn browser into buyers, Part 2 - Optimize for Mobile


Submitted by DM Fulfillment - April 16, 2019

As consumers, we’ve clearly adapted to eCommerce. We’ve become integrated shoppers armed with a landslide of data on our mobile devices that go EVERYWHERE with us. Having been born before email, Google and mobile phones even existed (gasp!), I think it’s a bit sad how much our lives revolve around these little electronic wonders. Yet some retailers are still ignoring the importance of a responsive, optimized mobile shopping experience.

Actual purchases on mobile devices still lag behind traditional, but it’s more about the influence mobile shopping has on our purchase decisions. Shoppers are accessing product information on their mobile device everywhere from the dining table to standing directly in front of your product at the physical store. If your 2019 objectives include increasing online conversion and your website is lacking “mobility”, you have ONE job…optimize your site!

Turn browsers into buyers part 2