Turn browsers into buyers, Part 1 - Let's get visual


Submitted by DM Fulfillment - January 14, 2019

We’re all playing the same game — trying to get browsers to become buyers. Whether you’re the manufacturer hoping for larger order quantities or a fulfillment provider billing for each item picked from the shelf, we all just want that final click — ‘place order’. Obviously in eCommerce, the true front line for turning browsers into buyers is the online store.

Did you know you have less than 1/20th of a second to impress a potential customer with your site?

With more than half of our cortex devoted to processing visual information, we have to think of our brains as image processors, not word processors. We might choose to read the text on a page, but our brains are going to process the visual elements first — that means everything from the design of the page to the individual images within. Do your research on website design best practices and keep it simple. If it’s too complex to visually process quickly, our brains score it low on visual appeal and our quick trigger finger clicks to the next site. Sale lost.

Turn browsers into buyers part 1