Reverse Logistics


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OPTION 1 – Just In Time

When a customer contacts you with a return, Distribution Management will quickly take care of getting the product back into your DM Distribution Center (DC) for resale or forwarded on to you for inspection. Leveraging our high-volume UPS account rates, we will create the Return Services Tag which can be emailed directly to the customer on your behalf or sent to you for forwarding with additional instructions.

OPTION 2 – In Every Outbound

Include a Return Service Tag in every shipment. Distribution Management will set up a Return Service Tag SKU that will be added to every outbound shipment. You can provide any needed instructions on your pick ticket, include a drop-in-the-box flyer furnished by you or we can develop one for you which will be added to every order. This is a great service for customers who expect a high percentage of returns (25% or greater).

These services include our standard reports so you are proactively aware any time a return comes back to the DC. Our inventory reports will provide updates on the status of returned product including when it’s ready to re-sell.

Interested in reverse logistics support?

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