DM Fulfillment Services and Brand Guarde Partner to Deliver a Holistic Solution for Brands Selling on Amazon


Submitted by Bill Erpelding on Tue, 07/23/2019 - 21:01

St. Louis, MO June 19, 2019 – DM Fulfillment Services and Brand Guarde are collaborating to help brands compete successfully on Amazon with comprehensive order fulfillment services and brand protection services. Through this partnership, brands can leverage an array of specialized services designed to help them thrive on Amazon including automated order management, fast, cost-effective shipping and industry-leading brand protection services targeting the removal of unauthorized distributors and grey market sellers.


“We’ve worked with Brand Guarde to help a few clients solve complex challenges,” stated Justin Johnson, Business Development Manager–DM Fulfillment Services. “While we’ve developed Amazon specific integrations and order fulfillment services, we found we needed to round out our offering with services that help protect our clients brand and product positioning on Amazon. This partnership is already paying off for several clients and we look forward to the opportunity to build on that success for others needing help in this critical area.”


“As customer expectations for quickly receiving shipments continues to increase, DM Fulfillment Services is helping brands exceed those expectations,“ said Joe Kovacs, CEO of Brand Guarde. “This relationship provides our brand partners, some of which are Fortune 500 companies, access to streamlined order fulfillment across a variety of ecommerce channels which is essential in today’s competitive market.”


DM Fulfillment and Brand Guarde teams are available to consult with manufacturers and merchants in need of holistic fulfillment and brand protection services.


About DM Fulfillment Services: DM Fulfillment Services provides best-in-class fulfillment and distribution solutions so that manufacturers, merchants and trading partners can seamlessly integrate with today’s omni-channel, e-commerce world. Five strategically located, highly-automated fulfillment centers offer cost-effective shipping solutions and speed to customer and shelf. DM Fulfillment’s mission is to deliver an exceptional customer experience with every order. Visit to learn more.


About Brand Guarde: Brand Guarde specializes in helping companies solve challenges with unauthorized resellers, MAP compliance and  distribution control on 3rd Party marketplaces like Amazon. By combining innovative tech solutions, teams of expert analysts, and legal counsel, Brand Guarde is able to help brand owners create legal frameworks to enforce distribution, identify unauthorized resellers, and automate the enforcement process.  Brand Guarde is committed to helping brands take back control on Amazon. For more information visit


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