Call Center

Simplify with a single-source solution.
Improve customer service levels.

Call center support is available to supplement your existing resources or as a total customer service solution. With direct access to inventory, order and shipping data, our agents can provide the best possible customer experience and increased customer satisfaction.


  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Call routing based on a path of a toll-free number
  • Call groups designated to a toll-free answer point
  • ACD group roll-over to secondary groups to increase call coverage efficiently
  • Call classification codes
  • Alarms–notifications alerting supervisors of agents and queue falling below expected service level
  • Real-time monitoring, both audio and visual
  • Call center forecasting–appropriate ACD agent staffing
  • Customizable routing, hold and transfer times
  • Recognizable call paths
  • Client-specific toll-free number
  • Alternative answer points
  • Customizable automated attendant
  • Options dialing through the automated attendant while in queue
  • Optional–customizable recorded announcements for calls in queue
  • Optional–voice mail opt-out call routing


  • Report call activity-based phone number usage
  • Agent or agent group-based reporting
  • Call classification/accounting code-based reporting
  • Report automation with electronic delivery

Peace of Mind
  • The quality you expect: Agents are trained in-house to ensure quality standards
  • Experience: Telecom analyst with over 24 years of call center experience
  • Reliability: IS Operations team is trained in telecommunications support
  • Responsive: We follow the 80/20 rule, 80% of calls are answered within 20 seconds with an average answered within 18 seconds
  • Continuity: Redundant Call Controllers roll over to a resilient controller. In the event of an outage, DM can re-route incoming toll-free numbers to a pre-determined answer point in minutes


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