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Excellence in omni-channel fulfillment and distribution solutions.
Our mission is to deliver an exceptional experience to both our partners and their customers.



Distribution Network

4 highly automated fulfillment centers
Foreign Trade Zone, Chicago Region
Same-day shipping available*
1-2 day delivery to 99% of U.S.*

*Terms & Conditions apply


Direct-to-consumer drop shipping
Online retail fulfillment
In-store retail fulfillment
E-commerce and marketplace integration
Amazon integration and expertise


On-demand, real-time data management 
100% RF-scanned inventory & order processing
Lot code tracking with full visibility
Robust security & disaster recovery systems
24/7 account visibility via online portal

Reverse Logistics

Just-in-time return label generation
Return service tag with every order 
Inventory and return reporting
Processing & repackaging services

Delivering Your Brand

Branded pick tickets
In-box marketing collateral
Product labeling capabilities
Custom packaging
Photography and content services


Comprehensive retail integration
Direct integration via EDI, FTP and AS2
Integration with industry-leading partners
In-house IT for custom requirements

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Struggling to ship eaches ?
February 5, 2018

You’re doing just fine shipping into warehouses and stores, but breaking down cases to ship single units is turning out to be more challenging and possibly more costly than you ever expected. So rather than throwing time, money and resources at figuring it out, why not take advantage of DM Fulfillment’s expertise in direct to consumer fulfillment. We can partner with you for ALL your fulfillment needs or simply manage the eaches.

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Where will the eCommerce train take us?
February 9, 2018

Of all the super powers in the universe, I’d choose the ability to predict the future. Or, if someone wants to go ahead and invent a crystal ball, I’ll be the first investor on Kickstarter. Predicting the future in business is hard enough, but predicting where this high-speed eCommerce train will take us is nearly impossible, says David Reinkemeyer, VP of Business Development at DM Fulfillment. We all have ideas of what might happen next, and we do our best to anticipate and plan for change, but it’s a constant state of evolution ultimately driven by consumers.

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integrated shopper
The Integrated Shopper
January 5, 2018

Working for a fulfillment company, the word “integration” is part of our daily language. It’s the glue that holds our business together. But, integration isn’t just a term to describe the spaghetti platter of data swirling behind the scenes of eCommerce. It defines who we’ve become as savvy consumers. I would like to officially coin the term “integrated shopper” and say that I wear the badge proudly. My weapon of choice? My smartphone.

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